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Where’s your happy place? ~~~#tot  #findyourhappy  If you could close your eyes and wake up anywhere, where would you go?



@ @danipollo ... you have a similar picture ;-)
@ That is one of my happiest places on Earth
@ @rachelmallie Rachy when she fknAlly gets a beach vacay
@ Beautiful photo This is my favorite of your photo places.
@ @thelifeofrustee thank you so much! It’s our heaven on earth!
@ I would go to this spot and hope you show up to give me free hugs! ❤️
@ @poppybasset so do it!
@ Yes! Year after next when we come out for the Basset specialty show!! @scoutgoldenretriever
@ I like sticks. So let’s see....... maybe the back yard.
@ ❤️❤️
@ @scoutgoldenretriever one day i might get there what body of water is it?
@ @thelifeofrustee Pacific in Oregon
@ Most definitely heaven!
@ 😍😍😍
@ I love Cannon Beach!!
@ To the sea...🌊💙
@ She is smiling
@ @maur1951 he’s in his happy place!
@ @scoutgoldenretriever sorry, he is in his happy place 😊, so beautiful
@ Cute and happy boy!!