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My stomach hasn’t fully recovered since I had my son in 2014. I struggle with diastis recti, stretch marks and loose skin. I am slowly seeing a difference and couldn’t be more proud of myself. 🤙🏻


Workout was later than normal today, but that’s okay! I still got it done and I couldn’t feel better!!! With the stress of buying a house, having your current rental property in the process of being listed for sale, this girl has some high anxiety!!! Nothing can beat unplugging for an hour and getting sweaty! Then to end it with a chocolate cherry recovery drink!? Nothing better!!! #beatstress  #workout  #sweatymess  #fitness  #fitnesstransformation  #health  #healthylifestyle 


Are you trying to make a transformation? What’s working for you? 🔥 @vsg_queendiet " One thing i could say if your starting a weight loss journey take all the before photos you can. I started my weightloss journey at 420 pounds. This was one of the before photos i took. When i saw it i was shocked. I couldn't believe that was me. My health was awful and i knew i needed to stop making excuses why i couldnt lose weight and change them too i can lose weight. I started tracking all my food and working out daily. I didnt noticed any changes daily, but i kept going. I just knew this time i wasnt going to give up. Honestly it was the first time in my life that i was actually did something for myself. I didnt know what would happen. I was going to keep going. It wasnt easy alot of blood, sweat, and tears. But each day is a new day and fresh start. Im down over 220 pounds now. Seeing these tranformation photo makes me realized how far ive come. Losing weight is hard but not giving up is harder. ❤ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - " _____________________ Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star, 30-day Transformation Program! 💪 Made a Transformation? Badass Female Transformer Engagement Group in Bio ❤️


2015➡️2018.. Healthy food/portion control + exercise. No quick fixes, no gimmicks.. just a complete lifestyle change. ❤️ “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.” @losinggravity . . Follow @beautifullybig_2_fabulouslyfit for more inspirational transformations .


Highly advise any girls out there to go and check out @courtneykiing account! Over there she speaks a lot about body dysmorphia, something that affects so many young girls 😕 She tackles it in an honest way so be sure to give her a follow and also love the skin you’re in ✌🏻 . Follow us —> @whosfit_ . Shoutout —> DM or #whosfit 


THE 8 WEEK AB CHALLENGE ▶️ If you want your DREAM stomach for summer then join me & some other ab seekers for an 8 week challenge ❣️ There will be three workouts per week which are designed to do either at home or during your gym session 💪🏽 I will be taking part in this challenge as well so I can really be there with you guys and we can suffer the ab journey together! I have based each of the 8 weeks around exercises which I have RELIGIOUSLY used in order to get abs which target both your lower/ upper abdominals and your obliques, which have made the change you see from the left picture to the right 🙌🏽 The challenge is £30 for the whole 8 weeks, or you can split it £15 per month ✔️ After purchasing, you will get access to your very own app where all of the programs will be available to you alongside recorded videos of each exercise in case you’re unsure of one ❤️ You will also have 24/7 access to message me on the app if you have any questions. The challenge will begin on Monday 26th March and everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw to win either 2 free 1:1 sessions with me OR a free month of online coaching 😃 Message me to secure your place and let’s get ready to grow some abs! 😏


The only other time you’ll see me this happy is when I’m eating 😏 #mansgotdelts 


Why must you eat Complete Proteins? . Proteins that contain all the essential and nonessential amino acids in the exact amounts and amounts required by your body to grow are called “complete proteins”. . Now for in order for your body to grow, all essential amino acids must be readily available. Here’s the thing... your body has a short supply of non essential amino acids stored in your liver, once it uses up its own supply, our bodies begin to break down its own proteins (Muscle) to obtain it. Resulting, in muscle breakdown (THIS IS A NO NO). . To maintain an ideal environment you must consume complete proteins in your diet everyday. This will allow for better muscle gains, increased metabolism, leading to a metabolic advantage. . Here is a list of complete proteins. Chicken, Beef, Eggs, Fish and dairy products. . Try and shoot for about 1-1.5grams of protein per pound of body weight to ensure optimal amounts of complete protein absorption. . If you found this information useful or have any questions COMMENT down BELOW👇🏽. . . . . . . #musclegain  #fatlosstips  #nutritionfacts  #workout 💪🏽 #workoutmode  #onlinetrainer  #onlinepersonaltrainer  #bodybuildingaddict  #gymselfie  #gymprogress  #fitnesstransformation  #bodybuilding  #fitnesstip  #fitnesstips  #exercisetips  #exercisemotivation  #transformation  #inspire  #transformationjourney 


9 months apart. On the left self conscious girl forced to take pictures with the family on Mother’s Day and on the right a girl finding herself, taking a shameless bathroom selfie. Not to mention wearing cutoff shorts 😱 this journey is the best thing that I’ve ever done. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #fitnessjourney  #fitnesslife  #fitness  #healthysnack  #weightlossjourney  #weighin  #weightlosss  #weightlossdiary  #fitnesstransformation  #transformation  #weightlosstransformation  #weightlossjourney  #healthyfood  #healthylifestyle  #healthyeating  #weightloss  #paleo  #kaitlindropsit  #healthtransformation  #health  #workout  #burncalories  #journey  #loveyourself  #loseweight  #weightloss  #lowcarb  #lifestyle  #aip  #pcos  #hashimotos  #transformationtuesday 


JUNE 2017👉🏼MARCH 2018 - - How to grow your glutes 🍑 - - The main way to grown your glutes and the most important is eating more food!!!! Your booty will not grow if you do not eat enough!!!! Then following that is weight and resistance training to help build the glutes but FOOD IS THE MAIN THING!!!! 🍕 - - I used to only eat very little because I thought that was the way to see results and it made me bloody miserable!!! All I could think about was food and wanting to binge on anything I could get!!! I wasn't enjoying training because I had no energy to do it and was forcing myself to work out even though 9/10 it was a crappy workout!!! - - In the last couple of months I have been working on increasing my calories and very nearly on 2000!!! But since doing this I have seen so many more results and I couldn't be happier with it!!! My glutes are finally growing!!! I didn't think that was possible with me!!! Also I'm feeling stronger and my workouts are soooo much better and I'm lifting heavier!!!! I feel great after working out because I've pushed myself and putting on a sweat!!! - - So overall this just proves that food and nutrition is the main thing to see results and that's by making sure you're eating enough and probably lost of you aren't but you don't realise!!! I'm so happy that I've built my relationship with food up again!!! ❤❤❤❤


Cutting update! ⬅️✂️✂️✂️ • 4 weeks into it and seeing some small changes here and there! I’m not having too much trouble eating in a deficit and am only doing HIIT cardio 2 times a week max. Hopefully the next 2/3 months (haven’t decided how long) are as smooth sailing as things are going now! • • • • • #fitness  #transformation  #fatloss  #fitnesstransformation  #fitfam  #fitnessjourney  #fitnesslifestyle  #healthylifestyle  #girlswholift  #fitwomen 


So I asked on my IG stories if anyone would be interested in my thoughts on my waist trainer. And tons of you want to know, so I’m sharing my thoughts 🤗 I love this waist trainer! I feel that it reduces my waistline, flattens my tummy and shapes me to get that hour glass look. I like the high compression effect and like that it helps correct my posture. I really think it helps!! That being said, it is just something EXTRA. You still have to put in the work if you really want to lose weight and get toned. Proper exercise and nutrition is the only way to lose weight, gain muscles and have overall holistic health. I only wear this throughout the day at home. Some people wear it during their exercises. I can’t really wear it when I workout as I move a lot during weight training. I do think the waist trainer aids for weight loss, body shaping and posture control. Again, it is something extra and not a solution for your health goals 😌


🤳🏻 Desde que el fitness y la vida sana están tan de moda, todo el mundo habla de motivación. Seguimos a miles de influencers 100% motivados porque estar motivado es muy COOL y todos queremos serlo pero... ¿qué pasa cuando todo el mundo parece haberse venido arriba menos tú? Yo a veces no estoy encantada de conocerme y me desmotivo. De repente lo que me hacía feliz deja de hacerlo, pierdo el interés y las ganas. Yo a veces (muchas veces) SOY ANTI COOL y no me avergüenza reconocerlo. Y no busco motivación, simplemente reinicio, me permito tener días malos y no me obligo. Porque a veces, buscar motivación en fulanita o menganita no da resultados. Quiérete, respétate y trátate con cariño y te garantizo que será la motivación la que no tenga más remedio que ir en busca tuya. . PD: Juro que soy más guapa que lo que mi cara indica a las 6:30 de la mañana🤪 . #fitness  #fitnessmotivation  #fitnesstransformation  #beyoutiful  #fitlife  #fitnessgirl  #healthylife  #lifestyle  #fitspiration  #workout  #behappy 


When you're in a healthy lifestyle, you are in a life long process! . Credits to: @beyonce_kurdish *No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved to original content owners. . . . . . #fitnesslove  #fitnesswear  #fitnessworld  #fitnessforlife  #FitnessApparel  #fitnessadict  #fitnessguru  #fitnessbikini  #fitnessjunkie  #fitnessquotes  #fitnessfashion  #fitnessfun  #fitnesscouple  #fitnesstransformation  #fitnessblog  #fitnessinstructor  #fitnessvideo  #Fitnessstudio  #fitnessfriday  #fitnesschallenge  #fitnesswoman  #fitnessmen  #Fitnesstime  #fitnesspark  #fitnessphotography  #fitnessclub  #fitnessfamily  #fitnessinspo  #fitnessman 


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